GFS SUPPLY & SERVICES GENERAL TRADING & CONTRACTING Co. W.L.L.                           ISO 9001 : 2008

Environment Sensitive Corporate Citizen

GFS E&C's commitment to sustainability is in improving resources and energy efficiency to raise its stature as an Environment Sensitive Corporate Citizen. The Group is pursuing programs that cover all business activities.

More efficient construction processes: EPC process analysis that accommodates energy efficient plant and machineries, renewable energy components to reduce emissions in our own operations by increasing the use of new technologies wherever possible.

Market solutions: Marketing of products and technologies that help achieve energy efficiency as well as combine renewable energy concepts. For example, we are actively involved in lobbying with decision makers in Iraq to promote the use of Gas to Power mobile turbine units to power ongoing projects instead of burning scarce diesel fuel for power generation.

Supporting activities: Reduction of emissions and wastage in other areas of the company such as Systems, Networks, Printing, Packaging, HVAC, Fuel efficiency of vehicles by active involvement of employees.

We aim to continue to work on processes that help with protection of people and the environment.

Carbon Conscious Procurement

GFS E&C is in the process of implementing sustainable procurement principles:

  • Procurement and supply chain activities have a fundamental role to play in minimizing environmental impact and managing risks.
  • Investment decisions delivered through the procurement process must establish resilient infrastructure and supply chains to both mitigate and adapt to climate change.
  • Social, environmental and Value for Money objectives cannot be viewed in isolation.

The main policy aim is to demonstrate that the GFS E&C is committed to ensuring that the goods and services it purchases:

  • Deliver long-term value for money for GFS E&C and the group as a whole.
  • Are manufactured, delivered, used and disposed of in an environmentally and socially responsible manner
  • Fully integrate sustainable procurement into current procurement strategy, policy and processes
  • Preference of purchase goods and services that reflect best practice specifications or standards for environmental, economic or social sustainability across the whole supply chain including manufacture, distribution and disposal
  • Ensure that, when appropriate, tender documents include questions about suppliers' environmental performance and develop corresponding assessment criteria, including whole life costing, to evaluate suppliers' bids. Ensure that tender specifications include a facility for suppliers to submit environmentally friendly alternatives to the specified goods.
  • Reduce sustainability risks through better supplier engagement, development and innovation. Encourage suppliers to operate better production processes, supply more environmentally friendly products and help spread improvements throughout the supply chain

Commitment to Future Generations

While talking about mankind, we refer to the existence of humans as of today and in the future. Hence, it is our duty to ensure that future generations enjoy the right to a healthy environment. Therefore, it becomes obligatory for us to conserve our environment and safeguard it for all living beings and things in the present era as well as for the forthcoming generations.

Since future generations have no say in the choices we make, and there is no one to represent their case in the present generation, nor they can put forward their case or affect the present generation in any way, and therefore their interests cannot be overlooked at the time of industrial and socioeconomic planning.

GFS E&C believe in contributing to effort in global environmental protection and remain environmentally conscious for well-being of future generation.
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