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As an Engineering & Construction company, the GFS Roadmap 2020 outlines a customer approach that is not informal and not managed only during opportunities when they arise. It is important to create a well-thought-out engagement paradigm to manage these relationships we currently have or want to have with customers.

The first aspect of the roadmap is to bring constant scrutiny of business operations by analyzing our business continuously. The clarity for the way forward comes from being so in tune with your business that virtually nothing takes you by surprise. One is always able to see where one has been, where on is, and where one is expected to go according to cold, hard data.

At the top GFS will re-establish key metrics to understand organizational status according to organizational dynamics. As importantly all employees across the organization must be accustomed to using key metrics. Important data to be considered are finance-related metrics, customer-related metrics, product-related metrics, as well as team and operation-related metrics.

At GFS E&C being in the business that we are engaged in, the GFS Roadmap defines that instead of informally managing customer relationships at an opportunity to opportunity timeframe, it is important to create a good system for managing the relationships that we have or want to have with them.

Creating a culture at GFS is about cultivating passion in our team about what we proudly and sincerely do at work and about our customer base. This will help our Customers understand the GFS culture, clarify our identity, and our values that will lead to a better differentiation of our products or the services that we offer and how we price them.

This will form the basis for:

  1. Client retention
  2. Bring in new Clients
  3. Differentiate GFS from the competition

Human Capital

GFS E&C has always considered Human Capital as its most valuable resource next only to time. Every successful organization does or should follow this imperative. The service sector needs high caliber professionals to lead organizational teams to achieve organizational goals. Aligning professionals and teams to strategic assignments is very important to achieve corporate objectives.

Analyzing the potential or the skill gap of an employee can provide vital understanding of probably outcomes of tasks planned to be assigned to individuals or teams. GFS E&C will create a comprehensive Human Capital roadmap which can define and align short and long term talent and skill requirements as well as training and retraining needs.

Operational Efficiency

Everyone relation to the construction process has an incentive to deliver projects faster and at a lower cost. At GFS E&C we are constantly striving for a higher level of efficiency in our processes and in the delivery of our services. To further our effort in achieving our zero error goals we will incorporate Lean Six Sigma best practices from the manufacturing industry in to our process for construction. Lean Construction is based on the holistic pursuit of continuous improvements that are aimed at minimizing costs and maximizing value on an engineering project. The goal of Lean Construction is to dramatically decrease the error rate and improve the bottom line performance and at the same time improve the productivity of existing resources.

A Lean process will increase operational efficiency, throughput, reduce defects, decrease costs, and increase revenues. The secret is employing the right tools at the right time at the right time to ensure ongoing control of your processes. One has to apply practical experience along with Lean Six Sigma tools for the design, construction, and management of projects to achieve operational efficiency and world class service standards.

Sectoral & Geographical Presence

GFS E&C has progressed well towards the goal of achieving a pan GCC presence. Country specific operations with service specific businesses are presently managed by motivated professionals. Cross functional service delivery across GCC can lift the growth opportunity for GFS manifold in the coming decade.

Present global focus is in Africa due to resources rich African countries are at the fore front of attracting substantial interest from the Middle East as well as from Asia and Europe. Aligning with global EPC companies can bring risk free opportunities. Countries that offered traditional sources of technology are under stress and that too provides opportunities in sourcing premium technologies at lower costs. GFS E&C will analyze and track such developments in the coming decade.

Business Continuity

The GFS E&C Roadmap fully rests on a belief that good organic growth starts with a practical strategy that align directly with where you want to go and who you want to serve. Firms today face steep challenges but GFS at the bare minimum during low business cycles in the coming decade will achieve:

  • Client retention
  • Bring in new clients
  • Differentiate from the competition
  • Retain key talent
  • Acquire key talent

By defining the GFS Roadmap we intend to assist our professionals identify and navigate the roadblocks to achieve targeted growth year on year.
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