GFS SUPPLY & SERVICES GENERAL TRADING & CONTRACTING Co. W.L.L.                           ISO 9001 : 2008


Founded in 1997 originally as a logistics services company and being part of one of the largest business groups in Kuwait, GFS diversifiedduring 2004 in to a new division handling Products & Services namely GFS Supply & Services General Trading & Contracting Co. In the next five years GFS developed project execution capabilities and became a Procurement, Project & Services Group.

GFS' growth from a core international freight forwarding and relocations company to an Industrial Supplies and Services company in a short time was quite remarkable. GFS established a wide spectrum of products and services and that combined with their strong supply chain management foundation provided a powerful solutions based contractor that gained substantial contract awards from the US-DoD, their Prime Contractors, and other coalition partners in the entire Middle Eastern theater of operations.

These capabilities laid the base for GFS to forge itself in to a pan GCC presence and positioning as a crucial partner of choice to International companies working in the Middle East region on reconstruction and EPC projects. GFS utilized it core strength of procurement and logistics skills to combine with project execution capabilities honed in the hostile environments of Iraq, and Afghanistan, as well as Djibouti to add value to its customers. GFS formed a task division called GFS - Prime Contracts Division of PCD which carried out various construction projects from Kirkuk, to Balad, to Al Asad, Tikrit to Baghdad, Talil to outside the wire areas like Shalamcha, Zurbatia, and Sheeb during 2003 to 2010 in Iraq.

Apart from executing various logistical and engineering projects, GFS was a core base estimating partner for leading US-DoD LOGCAP Prime Vendors, for the Air Force Capability Augmentation Program [AFCAP], RFQ-Cairo West Task Order (Materials & Contracting) programs. This experience brought to GFS the capability to be part of large scale projects working alongside major Fortune 500 companies. GFS could demonstrate that with a 48 hours notice we are capable of being on tip of North Africa, forge supply chain tie-ups across Europe, do costing, provide estimates, submit execution plans, and upon order execute the task.

Legacy Management

Post 2007, GFS focused on consolidating three core strengths - Logistics Services (Global Freight Systems Co.), Procurement & Supply (GFS Supply & Services Co.) and Construction Contracting (PCD) as GFS Supply & Services General Trading & Contracting Company, which now deals with Oil & Gas, Power, Petrochemicals, and Environmental projects - namely GFS Engineering & Construction or GFS E&C.

People & Leadership

From inception GFS E&C has been structured as a professionally driven company with top management inculcating a strong work ethic formulating short and long term business goals to achieve policy implementation, strategic intent, content and corporate objectives set forth by the Board of Directors.

GFS E&C is now a group of companies with pan GCC presence and has a well diversified team to carry out corporate plans of the top leadership. GFS E&C is presently positioning itself to break out and headed for new horizons in the engineering and technological fields.


Procurement, Materials Supply & Contracting capabilities are structured to serve International Oil & Gas EPC contractors, and the Exploration & Production operators in the Middle East. Regional growth projections are showing substantial capacity addition trends, and this will create the demand for Industrial plants such as Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Gas Processing Plants, Power, Cement, Steel and Fertilizer Plants.

GFS E&C has positioned itself as a strong contender to qualify and convert present opportunities in to contract awards. GFS E&C with a strong financial backing from a substantial group enjoys strong customer satisfaction. Along with these factors new technology partners and competitive service associates will provide GFS E&C a high growth trajectory in the coming decade.


GFS E&C has developed a well-oiled Customer Engagement and Vendor Delivery (CEVD) system, which optimizes capabilities of technology. Our ground operations and the CEVD are based on the Japanese JIT system. This benefit transfers to GFS customers as unwanted overheads are avoided.

GFS E&C Customer engagement forms a relationship management paradigm that involves the process of Sales - Tendering to Project Coordination and Post Sales / Execution Project Services which extends to warranty coordination. GFS E&C technology partners, services associates and suppliers that encompass GFS E&C capabilities together form a uniform vendor delivery ecology and a single face to the Customer.

Governance Risk & Compliances

GFS E&C has prudent corporate accounting with an accumulating project accounting system at organization level. The Project Accounting System controls Project Planning & Cost Control (PPC) Division that effectively manages the sanctity of expenditure on projects. PPC in turn results in estimated profits and in stress alerts the system by raising a red flag in advance, that enables immediate intervention.

GFS E&C has in place a Risk analysis system to evaluate future and present opportunities or circumstances which could adversely affect GFS E&C in a tangible or non-tangible manner. GFS E&C have developed a robust system to adhere and follow up present and future compliance needs and a well documented process to analyze pre and post incident occurrence and exposure.
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